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The World Of Digital Typography

Popular Terms

If you are aspiring to become a noteworthy graphic designer then, you ought to know the following popular typography terms so that you could encounter your professional situation more deftly and successfully.

  • Typeface

Typeface refers to the group of characters that belong to the same style and therefore, can be considered as the collection of fonts. E.g. Times New Roman, Arial etc.

  • Fonts

A specific style of the typeface is known as the font, for example, Arial Bold, Arial Italics and so on.

  • Tracking

Tracking refers to the spacing between the letters of the words in a sentence that offers the required legibility and the readability to the reader.

  • Kerning

The appropriate spacing between the characters to produce a harmonious pairing is known as the kerning.

  • Whitespace

The ‘emptiness’ or the blank space needed in the page layout so that it appeals to the eyes of the reader and, at the same time offers the necessary readability quality is known as whitespace.

  • Leading

The vertical spacing or the distance between the lines of the text is called the leading, which is usually measured in points from one baseline to the next.

  • Serif Fonts

Those fonts with the feet-like appearance belong to the Serif fonts category and the classic example for this is the Time New Roman typeface.

  • Sans Serif Fonts

The characters that do not belong to the serif fonts category belong to this Sans Serif Fonts category and the popular example is the Arial Typeface.