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The World Of Digital Typography


If you are a newbie web designer, understanding the essential rules of digital typography is important so that not only your work gets the required appreciation but, your client also gets the required benefits, favoring their business and their customers in every way.

  • Maintain the required hierarchy

A reader should not be confused with where to begin the perusal, which eventually urges him/her to leave the web page altogether. Therefore, always maintain the required hierarchy, where the welcome text is portrayed bolder and bigger than the body of the text and the other headings and the titles, making the entire content not only visually appealing but, helps the reader to quickly scan the purpose of the message without causing any perplexity.


  • Limit your usage of typefaces

Your web page should not have more than 2 to 3 typefaces as the reader might be disturbed by the continuous changing of typefaces causing him/her to lose interest altogether. You are not here to show your extensive knowledge on various typefaces and so avoid making a collage of them on your web page and rather, stick to the ‘minimum is the best’ mantra.


  • Don’t forget the readability

The typeface you choose should be readable by your intended audiences and therefore, choose a suitable typeface that would enable your readers to enjoy the content and its purpose wholeheartedly!